Hands upraised Alex at Mosaic partyPentecostal and charismatic outdoor churches

go to link Of course, many outdoor churches operate in the gifts of the Spirit, but there are a number that seem to fit more into a charismatic / Pentecostal style.  These are people who draw down heavily on the strength that the Holy Spirit gives. The Homeless Church of San Francisco is a fantastic Pentecostal outdoor church that has been running for many years.  The leader and his wife decided to live in a bus in order to reach out more effectively.  Homeless people have become preachers, people have been baptised in the sea, and a whole lot of good has been done!  The video on the left “Diamonds in the Rough” tells how homeless people from this church support a missionary. City Gate Ministries Church Without WallsAnother excellent church is City Gates Ministries’ Church Without Walls in Washington State, USA.  Their website has an informative video (see right).  They pray for healing, provide food and clothing, gather many people in energetic services, and all-round seem to bless their community.

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