Outdoor Bible Commentary

People who live or worship outdoors can have a distinctive perspective on the Bible.  This page invites people who live or worship outdoors to record their thoughts on different Bible passages.  The end result will be a resource that can help those trying to understand the Bible from a “faith alfresco” viewpoint (thanks to Phil Wood for that quote!)  If the results are eventually published, any money earned will be given to refugees – people who live “outside” in countries far poorer than the UK.

Please click on the Biblical book below and record your entries like this:

Matthew 1:1-3  “What I think of this passage …”  OR

Matthew (but not quite sure where) – “I really like this …”

Please get permission before you publish someone else’s comments.  Comments will be checked before they are published.  Common Cathedral UK bears no responsibility for any statements made in this commentary.  Help in administering the Outdoor Bible Commentary would be more than appreciated.

I’m not quite sure but it’s in the Bible somewhere





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