Reservoir exeterCan’t see the wood for the trees?  Try some of these resources:

Need practical examples of policies you can use?  See these policies/resources.

What does an outdoor church look like?  They are many and varied!   Try this 20-minute video, this 9-minute video, this article, or these photos.

I generic Dilantin without prescription don’t like reading a lot – help me!  10 cards to set up an outdoor church or 10 steps to set up outdoor church

How do I set up an outdoor church?  It depends what type: an urban street church in the US, or in the UK, a walking church, a forest church, or a housed church for street folk?  This might help: How would you start an outdoors church? or use these cards to get you thinking.  If you want to set up an outdoor church for street folk in the UK, then this page contains many draft resources that can help.

Do you have a list of outdoor churchesOutdoor church websites   What books/resources can I read?  Useful books articles websites

I disagree with outdoor churches!  What do you have to say?  Common objections to an outdoor church

What theological basis is there for an outdoors church?  Try reading this: Biblical foundations for homeless church.  Also read Steven Bouma-Prediger and Brian J. Walsh’s Beyond Homelessness: Christian Faith in a Culture of Displacement, (Eerdmans, Grand   Rapids, 2008).

What denomination should I belong to?  There are Pentecostal, AnglicanCatholicBaptist, Episcopalian and Mennonite outdoor churches, but many are ecumenical, with all denominations working together.

What words/liturgy is used in an outdoor church?  Try this page, at the bottom of the Street Church Manual, here, here, or Chaplain on Harbor’s eucharistic prayer, or just ask people “What Jesus songs/prayers/words do you know?”

How can I use the Bible in an outdoor service?  Here are some Bible Studies.  ’The Word on the Street’ (Stanley Saunders and Charles Campbell, Grand Rapids, Mich: William B. Eerdmans, 2000), is excellent.  See the discussion card on “preaching”.

What about music outdoors?  See the discussion card on music in outdoor ministry.

What about communion / the Eucharist?   Try Chaplain on Harbor’s eucharistic prayer or at the bottom of the Street Church Manual.

How can young people or children get involved?   See here or here or here for sleep out programs.

How can an outdoor church be involved with missionaries?  Invite missionaries to speak.  One outdoor church gives $50 a week to a missionary: see video or article (pages 18-19)

Who is good at training homeless people to come into leadership?  Try Longmont’s common cathedral, Worcester Fellowship, MA, Boston’s common cathedral, MANNA, and Anawim Christian Community among others.  These may help: How can street people develop into church leaders?  Is it biblical for homeless people to run churches?

I need some help: I can’t do this on my own.  Where can I find someone to work with?  Contact me concerning retreats and support, get to know local pastors, try the Christian homeless forums in Birmingham and London or Google the “Come and See/Be” Ecclesia conference.  These discussion cards can help.

How can I look after myself and make sure I don’t burn out?  See the section on burn out in these discussion cards and contact me for a discussion on “self care for street ministers”.

How can our outdoor church deepen our walk with God?  Try a pilgrimage (see bottom of the page), or walking labyrinths – try here.  Also see What are the marks of a healthy outdoor church?

What if I don’t want to set up a church, but a street chaplaincy?  Click the link on “Street chaplaincy” above, and read Craig Rennebohm’s Souls in the Hands of Tender God, (Beacon Press, Boston, 2008).

How do I support those with mental health issues?  See the chaplaincies at Seattle and Waltham, above, and this.