How to set up an outdoor church

It depends what type of church you want to set up: a walking church, a forest church, or an indoor church for street folk?  This might help: How would you start an outdoors church? or use these cards to get you thinking."http:////" discover this Setting up an outdoor church for street folk in the UK

If you want to set up an outdoor church for street folk in the UK, then one place to start is learning from the North Americans: try Ecclesia.  If you’d prefer something British, look for the links to Gloucester Outdoor Church elsewhere on this website, and I’m sure other places have started to do it.  We are not experts by any means, and many of the following resources are drafts, but you are welcome to use and adapt them.  Please don’t follow our model: you will probably develop something more suitable for your own context.

Some golden rules are:

–  Start with relationship: getting to know street folk in your town, and getting to know other churches / homeless organisations in your town.  Be as humble as possible.  Pray for other Christian organisations and leaders.

–  Find a partner.  Doing it on your own is much harder.

–  Get massive prayer support.  Ask everyone you know for prayer, constantly.  Get as much help as you can from anyone who can give you useful advice.  Contact us / anyone else who’s done this.

–  Work with all the other churches and non-Christian organisations in the area.  Learn from them.  Support events that encourage unity.

– Enjoy what you do some of the time 🙂

Here are the resources that might be helpful.  All of them relate to Gloucester so you will have to change the location, adapt them to your local situation, and change names:

First, here are the songbooks we use.  Clearly you’d have to change the CCLI Licence number to use them yourself.  They are OpenOffice documents: OpenOffice can be downloaded for free:

Advent Christmas Songbook Easter Songbook Ordinary Time Songbook

liturgies that we’ve developed: there are others elsewhere on this website:

Standard Liturgy ordinary time  Easter liturgy  Advent Christmas Liturgy  Christingle liturgy  Christmas Day liturgy  Cross Giving Ceremony Standard Liturgy ordinary time CZECH

Second, here are lots of policies that could be useful.  Most useful is the risk assessment.  All of them are draft: we take no legal responsibility for them.  Adapt them, then find a local organisation that supports charities to check them:  Code of Conduct Jun 2017 v3 Data Protection Policy Sep 2015 v1 Ex-offenders volunteering policy v3 Ex-offenders volunteering policy v4 Financial policy Jun 2017 First Aid policy Nov 2015 v3 Food Hygiene Policy Sep 2015 v2 GOC Equality and Diversity policy v2 GOC Risk assessment Jan 2017 v9 Health&Safety policy Jun 2017 v5 Incident Report Form Lone-working policy Aug 2015 v2 Policy and Procedure for reportable events Jul 2015 Resolving Conflicts Policy Dec 2016 v6 Safeguarding policy v7 July 2016 Summary Equality Diversity Dec 2016 Visits policy v3 Mar 2017 Volunteer expectations and summaries Jun 2017 Volunteer policy June 2017

Contact us on the contact details displayed on the home page if you have any trouble.  This should save you a lot of time, but if you find yourself down, here’s a rainbow God gave to encourage us and keep us going:

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